Thin : A Followup!

Thin was launched a week ago and it instantly became a huge success in the Ruby community!

  • Someone created the #thin IRC channel on freenode where around 7-10 ppl hang around
  • Lots of people are active on the Google Group, asking questions and submitting patches (more then 50 members already!)
  • Thin was featured on Ruby Inside blog
  • and on the Rails Envy podcast in which Jason and Gregg are having a hard time saying my name
  • Joao Pedrosa switched to Thin on his blog
  • Daniel Fisher had a great review
  • Mat, Heri and Carl said some very nice words about it too
  • Thin support was added to Ramaze and Vintage frameworks (Kevin William also submitted a patch to Merb but has not been accepted yet)
  • A couple of days ago, the LOLCAT release of Thin fixed a couple of bugs and introduced Ruby 1.9 support under which Thin is even faster!

Also Julie Hache, asked me to present Thin at the upcoming DemoCampCUSEC2 and I accepted with pleasure! See you there!



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9 responses to “Thin : A Followup!

  1. Denis

    This is pretty cool Marc-André! 🙂

  2. I would have thought the lolcat release would have been bigger… all those cheeseburgers!

  3. thx Denis!

    @engtech: you just guessed the name of the next release, gonna be even bigger!

  4. I didn’t create the #thin channel, but I did set the topic. 🙂

    Thanks for creating Thin! I wish I would have thought of it – I’m jealous. 🙂

    Kevin Williams

  5. @kevwil: ah I though it was you. Anyway you submitted the patch to Merb, that’s even more awesome!

    Thx to you for supporting my project!

  6. Keep on shining Marc, you deserve all the praise!

  7. Mac you rock, and thanks for mentioning my post! 🙂

  8. I’m really keen on trying to run some Rails and merb apps (currently running as the vanilla “pack of mongrels”) on Thin. Really nice work from what I can see in the code and from the exciting benchmarks!

  9. very cool chuyeow!

    Let me know if you run into some problem or post it on the google group

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