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MoR7 Presentation

ImageHere’s the code and slides of my presentation :

Hope you liked it!

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Standout Jobs: launched

Yeah I know, I’m very late on this. I’m the latest one of the gang to blog about it. has launched a couple days ago and demoed at DEMO earlier today.

We’ve worked very hard on this and I’m really proud of the result!


Please give it a look and let me know what you think!


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Rontreal On Mails is torromow

Snow make use slowMontreal is white and snowy
Ruby is red and pretty
Rails is red (also) so lets party


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A day in the life of a Standout Jobs hacker

In case you don’t know it yet, we’re hiring more Ruby hackers at Standout Jobs!

Instead of trying to convince you that this is the best place to work, I’ll describe my typical day of work and let you judge if this is the right thing for you.

7 AM


7:30 AM


8 AM

Wake up!

8:15 AM

Back to sleep

8:30 AM

All right, I feel like an early-riser today!

Narrator: In fact at Standout Jobs, there’s not schedule, arrive when you want! Just get things done!

9:30 AM

Standout FridgeArrive at the office, grab a juice in the fridge. Say hi to Ben. Ben has one of the 5K most popular blog in the world. He’s so famous, people ask him for autographs on the beach! He’s at the office at like 4 AM, he never sleeps (he has 2 kids).

9:32 AM

My workstationPut my Mac Book Pro next to my Apple Cinema Display, my keyboard and mouse and sit on my CEOish chair.

Narrator: as a Standout Jobs employee, you’ll get a all the Apple stuff you’re dreaming of!

10 AM

View from my placeReading some news in my Google Reader while looking at the Mount Royal.

10:15 AM

Check out tickets in Trac to see what needs to be done. Accept one, svn up, mate ., put my headphones on and I’m gone in my coder’s bubble.

10:20 AM

Fred arrives at bicycle and does a little swing dance while going to his desk. (Fred can dance, code, bicycle all at the same time, plus he’s always in the newspaper or some internet tv show. He’s famous too!)

10:30 AM

Daniel arrives not at bicycle. Daniel dances too, has a blog, code and presented at more DemoCamps then you would think humanly possible. He’s a famous Ruby Guru too!

11 AM

code, code, code, code

11:30 AM

Most of the time we communicate throught our Campfire chatroom. This is a lot better then behing continuously interupted. You can ignore if you’re deep into some code, but most of the time, it’s serious stuff!

Fred N.
So… if a train stops at a train station… and a bus stops at a bus station…
Fred N.
what happens at a work station
Marc-André C.
hard one
Marc-André C.
you stop working ?
Fred N.
you also park on a driveway
Fred N.
and drive on a parkway

… ok bad example.

12 PM

Feeling hungry and realize Fred and Daniel are there.

12:30 PM

Standout KitchenEating spaghettis in Ikea plates while watching some Ted Talk videos on youtube.

1 PM

Making coffee, while talking about some styling issues with Fred.

1:30 PM

Discuss (argue) some design decisions with Daniel.

Narrator: unlike many places, we believe in beautiful code and writing tests. We’re hackers and we sometimes get emotional when something is one pixel off or one space is missing or not properly aligned. We do more then care about our craft, we’re passionate about it!

2 PM

In our Campfire chat room:

Bot marc commited r1756…
Adding some code and fixing things

A   standoutjobs/trunk/--------
A   standoutjobs/trunk/-----
A   standoutjobs/trunk/-------/---------

Narrator: Whenever someone commits something to the subversion tree a message is sent in the chat room. This way we know what everyone is doing. We also get notified of build failures. Hey the chat room can display useful stuff too!

3 PM

But chat room is only for serious, corporate stuff, always:

Daniel H.
Fred N.
Marc-André C.
Daniel H.
67 errors => 0
Marc-André C.
oh! you broke the cool chain!!
Daniel H.
oh no
Daniel H.
solving 67 errors in one go is very cool
Marc-André C.
you’re right
Marc-André C.
very cool
Daniel H.
very cool
Fred N.
very very cool

… ok bad example again! But I swear we have some deep tech discussions in the chatroom!

4 PM

Coding and fixing more tickets on Trac.

5:30 PM

OfficeGoodbye pretty office, I’ll miss you!

(While Marc is on his way home, in the Standout Chatroom …)

Why did you do this marc ? You broke standoutjobs-trunk build !

9:30 PM

Back on the computer, see the build failing!!! Aaaaah!

Fix the damn build

  U   standoutjobs/trunk/------------------

Bot Holy cow! marc fixed standoutjobs-trunk build again and again and again! *WOW!*

The End

You too wanna live the life of a Rails rockstar ?

Apply now!

You don’t need to be a Ruby “Guru”, but you do need to be a great hacker.

And also be sure to include code samples or references to some of the most gorgeous code you’ve written (not necessarily in Ruby) or else put [VIAGRA] at the start of your email subject to help us sort the applicants.


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Montreal on Rails 2

ImageMontreal on Rails was yesterday. It was the place to be for Rails and even web people in general. 3 great presentations with really useful stuff, you can actually use. How’s that ?

Ext on Rails

Chris ScottChris Scott showed the Ext Javascript framework. Lots of cool stuff, really crowd pleaser and exciting. Fancy javascript dialog closing the gap between desktop and web apps. But man does the code reminds me of Swing. Bad, bad, bad memories! Chris strangely claimed that Ext was better then Prototype and that Prototype was the past… I think this is like comparing tomatoes and cream cheese and salmon bagel. Prototype is what Javascript should have been from the start, it’s a framework to write beautiful Javascript code that looks almost like Ruby. Form the demo and by looking at the doc, Ext is a UI toolkit framework. It sure has all the cool stuff Prototype and Scriptaculous has, but I didn’t like the API. With hash arguments like script, callback I sure miss the expressive evalScript and onXXX. Ext looked really verbose on many levels, from event management to layout setuping. Small details you tell me, but “This is all your app is: a collection of tiny details.”. Even though my reluctance here, that was an amazing presentation, though provoking! Nice work Chris!

Authentication with Rails

Chris LamotheChris Lamothe then coded live in front of us a Rails app from scratch using Acts as authenticated plugin. Chris said he’s not a Rails expert, even a beginner, so I think this is an exploit to be able to code a live app in front of a crowd like this. He covered pretty much all you need to know about this and after his talk we all had a brief discussion on other alternative plugins: Restful Auth and Salted password generator. A nice presentation for people starting with Rails, plugins and authentication.

Client side debugging with Firefox

Terje TjervaagTerje Tjervaag was last with a series of tips on how to debug your Javascript. He started off with a really brilliant quote: “Debugging your javascript should be the last thing you do”. Wow! He advocated unit testing and validating your code before even thinking about debugging. How brilliant and such a nice introduction. I never though about js debugging this way. How come you don’t have a blog Terje ? Living in 1994 ? Come on!
He presented tools like Firebug, HTML Validator, YSlow and Web Developer toolbar. He showed how to used them next, hacking some css and js live in Firebug console.
After his talk he proposed that we (Montreal on Railers) do a RRobots tournament, everyone jumped of joy!

LatersAfter all this, some people, including Carl, Mat, Camillo, Mathieu, JF, Francois and me got together and grabbed a bite somewhere (I don’t remember where, I was drunk) we had mind blasting discussions and time passed faster then your last vacation.

If you didn’t come because there was no place left, you’ll be happy to know that the next Montreal on Rails is gonna be at our StandoutOffice (if everything goes well on that side). If you come, not only will you be among the most talent web developers in Montreal, you’ll also see where I work ! Oh, how exciting ! Maybe I’ll even let you sit on my chair, but don’t you touch my beautiful thin Apple keyboard or I’ll hit you on the head with my Mighty Mouse!

Thanks to all the people who make this happen!

Update: Heri wrote a better report then mine, (he was not drunk).


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How was Montreal on Rails ?

Me pretending I know what I'm talking aboutMontreal on Rails was a big success yesterday. I think my presentation went well too, I got lots of good feedback, thank you all! You can get the famous slides here, the code here and the plugin here.

Carl presentation on HAML was uber cool, I’ll give it a shot soon no doubt, the outputted HTML is so sexy. Thanks Carl for showing this!

I met many new cool people too, Alain, Mathieu, David, Francois, Josh and many more. The usual suspects were there too, James, Daniel, Gary, Fred, Heri, J-F, Fred B. ! I hope you all enjoyed this event as much as I did! Look out for the next one next month. Or see you next week at the Entrepreneur Breakfast.

A big thanks to Carl and Mat for organizing this and letting me shamelessly plug my blog, projects and in my presentation, you’re the best!

Any feedback on my presentation is greatly appreciated, or if you have any suggestion or comment about the event, please post them on the event blog, Mat is looking for some feedback.

Heri has some photos and Josh has some videos.


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How to land yourself the job of your life (in 5 simple steps!)

Oh what a catchy title! Notice I’ve used “simple steps” not “easy steps”. Getting your dream job is hard! If it wasn’t, everyone could do it and every good position would be filled, worlds would collide and I would have an iPhone in my pocket right now.

So, since I’ve just landed my dream job and had been in the hirer side for a couple of years now, I tough I’ll share some of my personnal tips.

1. Be remarkable

Being remarkable does not mean being perfect. It means doing something that is worth making a remark about. So do just that! Have a colourful resume, a singing presentation letter or have your CV delivered in a golden box by flying elephant man. The point is, don’t be afraid to do remarkable things to get noticed. It’s always better to have the employer find your resume cheesy then boring. Boring and average are career killers! Seth Godin’s blog and books are a great source of inspiration on how to be remarkable.

2. Invest in your knowledge portfolio

This one is from The Pragmatic Programmer. Your brain is your most valuable tool, but like your wallet if you don’t invest in it properly you won’t grow it’s value.

  1. Serious investors invest regularly – as a habit.
  2. Diversification is the key to long-term success.
  3. Smart investors balance their portfolio between conservative and high-risk, high-reward investments.
  4. Investors try to buy low and sell high for maximum return.
  5. Portfolios should be reviewed and rebalanced periodically

– The Pragmatic Programmer, p.13

Read books, listen to podcast, fill up your feed reader, you can’t learn too much. If you’re still no convinced, Eric Sink wrote an amazing article on why knowledge is the only thing you truly control in your career.

3. Showcase yourself

Even if you’re the best programmer, graphist, sys admin in the world, if you can’t prove it, it’s worthless. Not having any portfolio, showcase or work sample is like a tree falling in an empty forest. Action speaks louder then words, so you got to prove yourself to be a great doer ratter then a great talker. Good employers (and Joel’s readers) always look for two things: smart and get things done. Be proud and care about what you’ve done!

4. Aim for the best

Don’t spam employers with unpersonalized cover letters. Focus on the one you really like and show them you care. Jobboom and Workopolis job spamming was dead the day it started. Looking for a job is marketing yourself, so think about it the way you’d like to be approached for a product: intrusive phone call at lunch time, spam or personalized funny email ?
When interviewing with the employer make it clear you think they are the best and that’s why you’re applying. In return, they should make you feel that they’re looking for the best candidate and care about finding the one. If you get the feeling like they only want to fill a position with anyone that can fit the mould, run! Employees are not commodities but investments. When you’re about to be hired you should feel like the best in the world not like being fooled.

5. Be passionate

Actually this is not really a step as it’s a requirement. If you’re passionate about what you do, doing all this will be a breeze and so much fun. If you’re not, maybe you should start thinking about changing career path…

And when you can standout as a candidate you can get any job you want! Really!
(Conditions may apply, see small invisible footprint for details).

What are your tips on finding your dream job ?

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StandoutJobs: here I come!

That’s right! I’m StandoutJobs new Ruby Guru!

If you’ve been living under a rock for some time, StandoutJobs is one of the hottest new Montreal startup about to change to whole recruiting experience!

Three months ago I would never dreamed about having a job like this in Montreal. I though that things like this only happen in Boston, New York, Silicon Valley and stuff. It was Fred’s DemoCamp that opened my eyes to the whole local scene and was the first event that started a series of amazing meet with brilliant and passionate people. Since then, I’m starting to believe Montreal is becoming a central point in tech startup. looking at Heri‘s Montreal Tech Watch was too an amazing eye opener.

If you’re in the same mind-state as I was, maybe you should give a look at some of StandoutJobs video posts.

Thanks to Ben, Fred and Austin for taking me on the team even tough I’m heavily handicapped (I got really tiny ears and can’t eat peppers)


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