Thin 1.0

Thin 1.0, codename That’s What She Said, is out!

gem install thin


Yes 1.0! That doesn’t mean it’s bug free or anything. But, it does mean that it’s been running on a number of servers and no show stopper bugs have been found since a while.

Special thanks to…

A lot of people have helped me achieve this milestone. I’m very proud to say that Thin is no longer my project, but the collaborative work of many bright people.

Here they are. If you like Thin or if it helped you in any way, please take a couple minutes and recommend them.
(If you contributed to Thin in any way and are not on the list, that’s an error so please let me know!)

Also thanks to everyone who’ve taken the risk to run Thin on their website.



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13 responses to “Thin 1.0

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  5. Sweet! Congrats on 1.0 Marc, thin is a great webserver.

  6. thx ezra and thx for your help w/ Thin!

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  8. Thanks for council, I will try to apply at myself.

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  10. Congrats for the new accomplishment. Cheers

  11. Thin is a great name. Is it fast?

  12. Great Submit, Many thanks

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