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The secret of creating successful web services

Jeff Atwood and Jason Kottke got some great insights about what makes a successful web service.

According to them, the secret is porting an old unix command to the web or making public something that was private, like IM became Twitter.

Hum, what’s next ? cat, chattr, cd, chmod, chown, chgrp, cp, du, df, file, fsck, ln, lsof, mkdir, mv, pwd, rm, rmdir, split, touch ?

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Have a slice of my OpenKiwi

I was getting sick of previewing my project while working on it. Plus, I needed more people using it so I can spot more bugs while on a more important load. I don’t want to make it a big deal or anything. It’s just a project I did on my spare time. I hope you have as much fun using it as I had coding it.

Here it is:

Join the fun in the Main Room! And hit me with your comments.

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svn co castle; svn ci

Hurray! I’m now a Castle Committer! I’m committed to commit as a committer to castle’s committers community’s committee.

Thanks to hammett and the whole Castle’s crew!

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OpenKiwi preview

Today I’m demoing the heart of OpenKiwi.

Within a kiwi room you can send links, emails, code, images, videos and all without having to care about strange formatting syntax. Although you can use textile markup.

Subscribe to the mailing list to be part of the first people to use OpenKiwi.

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GMail Paper

Cool new service from Google : GMail Paper. My grandma might start using GMail!


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