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Database migration for .NET

Migration for .NET first official release is out and supporting MS SQL Server 2000, MySql 4 and Postgre 8 and fully integrated with Castle Generator.

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Thou can not escape Visual Studio

Despite my lack of interest with Visual Studio compliance since I got a Mac, many people have been asking for generation of project and solution files.

So there it is! Simply update your copy of Castle Generator (or install it to join the party!) and then run : monorail MyProject --vs. You can also generate 2003 csproj files with monorail MyProject --net-1.1 --vs.

This an alpha version, and dedicated to people ready to help by reporting bugs. I won’t announce this anywhere else but here until I get a chance to test it in more details. Please help me with this by reporting any problem by mail or better, in Castle’s Jira.



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I’m now a graduated software engineer working full-time. Has you might have notice, that means less time for open source projects.

Anyways, I’m still working on Visual Studio csproj and sln file generation. I tough I was finished but I forgot about 2003 version. If you generate with: monorail MawProjack --net-1.1 --vs you’ll get the 2003 versions, default framework is 2.0 so you’ll get 2005 ones with monorail MawProjack --vs.

Any suggestions or comments about this are as always welcome !


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