MeshU slides and code

Code is at



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5 responses to “MeshU slides and code

  1. Ben

    Hi Marc-Andre,

    The turnout may have been on the low side, but seriously, your presentation was great – equal parts informative and hilarious. Thanks for coming to TO to present.

  2. Shashy

    Hi Marc-Andre,
    I second Ben’s comment, that was a really great talk – I was the weird guy who said “thanks for Thin” after your presentation.

  3. Thx for the great comments guys!

    I was a bit sadden that there was not a lot of people but all those who were there were interested so it was worth all the trouble.

  4. Thanks for being there Mark – I heard great things about your presentation and we could not have done the event without contributions like yours. So thanks again.

  5. thx Mike! You and the rest of the team did a great job at organizing MeshU, it was a very nice event.

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