Speaking at meshU

meshUOn May 20th, I’ll be in Toronto presenting at meshU. Probably about climate change or Thin, haven’t decided yet.

From meshU site:

meshU is a one-day event of 12 focused workshops in three streams (design, development, management) given by those who have earned their stripes in the startup game; people who can talk knowledgeably about everything from interface design to using Amazon’s S3 distributed server network. We hope this addition to mesh will meet a growing need in Toronto: the need for practical, down-to-earth information about tools, knowledge and expertise for startups, web designers and developers of all kinds.

There will be some awesome and famous speakers: Daniel Burka and Leah Culver of Pounce, John Resign, creator of jQuery, Kevin Hale of Wufoo, Avi Bryant of Dabble DB, Jon Lax, Ryan Carson, Allistair Croll and Reg Braithwaite, it’s gonna be crazy-sexy-cool!

I hope to see you there!



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5 responses to “Speaking at meshU

  1. what about a lecture about lolcats? that would be interesting in itself!

  2. @heri lets save the world first ok?

  3. That’s really cool Marc-Andre, congrats.

    You’re a kind of a rock star 🙂

  4. By the way, I like your photo on the MeshU website, I couldn’t recognize you at first 🙂

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