yu can has a mery Crismus


It beez dat tiem of teh yeer agin, lol
Hai! Kittehs luv Crismus Trees very much! Dey liek to play wit dem, an eet dem, an mak tinsul hang out of der butt. But we mus remembah teh troo reesun we haf Crismus is cuz Ceiling Cat luv pien trees and he mak a holaday for dem. Srsly.
See dis piktur? Ceiling Cat in high plases cuz dat be wer he belong, srsly. Ceiling Cat don haf to stay in teh tree tho! He can has plases everywhar! Ceiling Cat can has part in ur Crismus? Uplaod yer pikturs or send dem to his proffet an show everywun wer Ceiling Cat hangz out in yer holiday decerashuns! Invisible sanity!
Yu can has a mery Crismus!


If you’re looking for something to do this holidays, I’d suggest renewing with The Bible.

Merry Christmas and happy new year to all my readers.


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