Upcoming BarCamp and Montreal on Rails

BarCampNext BarCampMontreal is this weekend, November 3rd, I’ll be giving a short presentation on RefactorMyCode.com. I’ll also be giving away a free special and unique gift to celebrate RmC success and announcing a new secret feature, be there!

Montreal on Rails is next week, November 6th, I won’t be giving a presentation on anything, but lots of interesting people will.

There’s also a conference on castle system in Christianity, November 5th, in Madurai, India.

See you there!

Update: I can’t make it to India for the 5th, sorry!



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2 responses to “Upcoming BarCamp and Montreal on Rails

  1. Hi Marc-Andre, we talked for a bit at BarCamp, it was nice to meet you. I loved the event. Congratulations on refactor my code and I hope to cross paths again soon.


  2. Hey Arach, It was nice talking with you too!

    Hope to see your soon at another event!

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