Montreal On Rails 3 tomorrow

Montreal on Rails 2Have you ever dreamed about being amongst the best developers in town ? Well, here’s your chance : Montreal on Rails is tomorrow! With 3 of the best Rails hacker in the world (of Montreal at least) presenting!

It’s in our StandoutOffice (suite 615). Register in the following 15 minutes and get the chance to sit on my chair, for FREE*!

* Conditions may apply. Participants will be required to have their hand clean, be freshly shaved and have a decent haircut.


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4 responses to “Montreal On Rails 3 tomorrow

  1. Mat

    You should also insist that the winner NOT adjust your chair settings. That is important.

  2. Ben also mentioned that if the winner breaks the chair, I’ll have to stand for the rest of the year.

    So another rule: no one over 200 pounds except me can sit on it.

  3. Alain Pilon

    I still remember that you said that I could be the first on that chair!!!

  4. Do you have a decent haircut Alain ?


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