DemoCampMontreal4 Follow-up

Once again DemoCampMontreal was fun, entertaining, energizing, cool, refreshing, techy, geeky, branché, nice, brilliant, awesome, instructive, pleasant, crowded, webish, tendance, crowded and tonight.


First presentation was by a company called Categorical Design Solutions. I’m sorry to say things started pretty bad when they showed slides claiming they’re creating the web 3.0… Plus on their site there’s a web 2.0 sticker!!! OMG11!!^^lolZ! (Web 2.0 is for social web apps BTW). Then they presented a web app allowing exploration of the “semantic web” in a Explorer style UI, although we didn’t saw where that data came from. Then, they demoed an app built on top of it looked like an old 3D Desktop attempt by Microsoft I remember seeing. Maybe I missed something ’cause I was really confused (and shocked by the web 3.0 thing) after all this!


logoNext was David Xu of Podbean a Podcast hosting, Social Subscribing site. It make brain-dead easy for people to create and publish a Podcast, even a paying one. He showed lots of stuff! I think part of it is a Worpress plugin… He’s currently studying at Mc Gill and building this part time, impressive. It seems to have lot of content already, I don’t know since when it exists, forgot to ask him.


ClixConnectThen, Mitch Cohen presented ClixConnect. He’ve talked to me about it before but I was really happy to see it live with explanations. It’s a chat service that can be added to a company web site to support visitors. It’s like phone support but with a chat pop-up window. Supposedly support personnel have a super secret and cool UI to work with effectively. I’m not sure pop-up is a good thing, but like he said, this is not for everyone and you can pop the chat window by clicking a button instead.

IronRuby and Ruby autocompletion

IronRubyJosh of YashLabs took us through the heart of IronRuby and showed how he fixed a major bug in it! John Lam even replied to his blog post saying this was a bit embarrassing to him… He then showed how he implemented autocompletion for Ruby on E the text editor. Fairly interesting!


Daniel closed the event with url_pipe. A (soon to be) open-source and geekier version of Yahoo! Pipes. He demoed a grep, contains and geocode RSS filters that output another RSS feed that can be then passed into other webservices (such as Google Maps) or used in other filters. Although filter chaining didn’t work when he presented it, he said it will be like a command line on the web with something like this:
geocode http://.../myfeed.rss | grep -expression cool.

I met a couple of new people and talked with lots of interesting people, hope to see you there next time!



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8 responses to “DemoCampMontreal4 Follow-up

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  2. Hi Marc-André,

    I’d say it’s a minor bug only, and it was only to be expected, since IronRuby was released as ‘pre-alpha’. And the fact that I managed to fix it is testament to the clarity of the code structure and the code itself. John Lam and the team are great coders.

    Glad to have talked to you at DCM4,

    Thanks for the mention, nice write-up!

  3. thank u & with my best wishes for you

  4. Thanks Josh,

    Glad to’ve talk to you again too! You’re right IronRuby is in pre-alpha, not ready for some real world usage I guess. You said he plan to support running Rails, do you know when this is planned?

    Thanks for the great demo again Josh! And where can I get you’re Ruby script for autocompletion? I plan to adapt it to TextMate.

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  6. Hi Marc-André,

    Apparently my comment didn’t register. It’s too early for Rails on IronRuby as the latter has just been released on RubyForge.

    Have a look at my post on YashLabs about extending the e TextEditor to get the script:

    Let me know how it goes for you on the Mac


  7. Cool, thanks for sharing this Josh, I’ll take a look at the script and see if I can use this with TextMate!

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