How was Montreal on Rails ?

Me pretending I know what I'm talking aboutMontreal on Rails was a big success yesterday. I think my presentation went well too, I got lots of good feedback, thank you all! You can get the famous slides here, the code here and the plugin here.

Carl presentation on HAML was uber cool, I’ll give it a shot soon no doubt, the outputted HTML is so sexy. Thanks Carl for showing this!

I met many new cool people too, Alain, Mathieu, David, Francois, Josh and many more. The usual suspects were there too, James, Daniel, Gary, Fred, Heri, J-F, Fred B. ! I hope you all enjoyed this event as much as I did! Look out for the next one next month. Or see you next week at the Entrepreneur Breakfast.

A big thanks to Carl and Mat for organizing this and letting me shamelessly plug my blog, projects and in my presentation, you’re the best!

Any feedback on my presentation is greatly appreciated, or if you have any suggestion or comment about the event, please post them on the event blog, Mat is looking for some feedback.

Heri has some photos and Josh has some videos.



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9 responses to “How was Montreal on Rails ?

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  3. seeing the feedback, i thought there could be fan club.

    more seriously, i am continously testing (in background) so i dont see myself using your technics in the near future. i dont access external services too.

    and i was surprised that HAML now takes blocks. I looked at it last year and you had to play with helpers if you wanted to show a list for example. but I wont use it. ruby is quite slow now and I dont see the apps i am tracking going 30% slower. or I guess I could use it to generate rhtml and css for development but then switch back to rhtml in production.

  4. Haha! Thanks Heri, I really don’t think I deserve a fan club website. But still I got plenty of projects that begs for maintainer 🙂 almost the same, but you won’t get a t-shirt (maybe someday).

    Sad that my presentation was not useful to you. Let me know if there’s anything in inactive_record that you think could help you with testing!

    I was too under the impression that HAML had no blocks! I think having clean HTML is trivial has I only play with the DOM in firebug but the views do look great, pretty tempting…

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  7. oh boy, did you make a video of your presentation? I’m not good with words and html but I can help you to post it on youtube and other video sites. Great work done 🙂

  8. Hi haoren,
    I don’t think anyone shot a video of the presentations. But feel free to send it to Slideshare or anything you want!

    Were you at the presentation ?

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