Montreal on Rails tomorrow

The most amazing event to ever occur in the Montreal Rails community’s history is about to happen tomorrow!

And I think there’s ONE place left (maybe more on eBay, haven’t checked)!

Where were you Tuesday, August 7, 2007 ?

Also checkout this cool video of Fred interviewing superstars at Silicon Valley!

(via soj blog)

Wow! I got the same t-shirt, feels like I was there too!



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4 responses to “Montreal on Rails tomorrow

  1. Mat

    Haha… if only there are half as many laughs tomorrow night, as there are on this blog then it will be a very good time indeed! 🙂

  2. Guy Kawasaki probably wondered if he was being interviewed by a young version of himself. 😉

  3. @mat you’re underestimating my seriousitivity, I got more slides then an old univercity teacher.

    @jf actually, I think Fred is older then Guy
    *duck and run*

  4. Har har har. Funny.

    Actually, Guy and I have the same birthmark. Kind of weird if you ask me! Maybe we *are* related…

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