Me + Rain – Sleep – Girlfriend = Donebox

What do you do when it rains on the weekend ? Remove some sleep and my girlfriend gone on a trip and you’re pretty sure I’m hacking some code.

But before the unveiling, here goes a song by Jimi Hendrix

There must be some kind of way out of here
Said the joker to the thief
There’s too much confusion
I cant get no relief
Businessman they drink my wine
Plow men dig my earth
None will level on the line
Nobody of it is worth
Hey hey


Donebox is:

  • another to-do list manager
  • better then all of them combined !
  • using AJAX like there’s no tomorrow
  • breathing REST like it was born from its flesh
  • degrade gracefully without Javascript
  • FREE
  • live, now, today!
  • made in one weekend so don’t blame me for the bugs even if there are NONE!
  • not working on IE and never will (this is not a bug, it’s a feature)
  • using the scaffold stylesheet, I know …

The UI is pretty simple. You add tasks on the top box, on the left you got dated tasks, on the right the ones with no date (later).

Quick task creation

When submitting a new task your can use the follow syntax to be uber productive:

[category] My task description for next week


The category is optional. It must be specified inside [] at the beginning of the task. The date part is also optional. Donebox uses the amazing Chronic library to parse date. The date must be at the end of the task description. You can use any of these and more: thursday, november, mon, today, tomorrow, thursday next week, 3rd wednesday in next november.

Quick task reordering and date changing

As you might expect from any 2.0 beta to-do list manager, you can reorder tasks by drag-dropping them. But Donebox does a little more then that. You can actually change a task due date by dragging it to another date. Pretty easy and quick.
Changing date

I don’t need another web app to keep up!

Neither I! That’s why you can use Donebox API to script your way to to-do list nirvana. Or you could use one of the scripts I already coded, one bash script usable from the command line and a Quicksilver script.

Comments, suggestions are warmly welcome, as always (unless you’re using IE)!

Hope you like it!


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17 responses to “Me + Rain – Sleep – Girlfriend = Donebox

  1. Now that is cool. I can’t really use it at, but it should be used as a demo project for beginning rails folk. It has everything!

  2. Isn’t “All Along The Watchtower” a Bob Dylan song (which jimi covered)?

  3. that’s cool, and it reminds me of something I did but I cant remember the name 🙂 although it took me more time (4 days because of the graphics)

  4. danielharan

    The original of that song is by Bob Dylan. It’s been covered by a few different artists, although Hendrix’s version is the most famous:

  5. @dennis: why can’t you use it ? You use IE ?

    @JF: you’re right, Bob Dylan composed the song but I refered to the Hendrix song.

    @heri: haha, well it’s a to-do list thing again like all the others, but it has no sharing features or any logic like yours. Btw, when is yours opening from private beta?

    thx for the comments all

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  7. Hi,

    This looks excellent! Are you going to open the source? Must say, as a RoR newbie this looks like it could be something really good to use as a model from which to learn.



  8. If anyone is interested, I probably will Steven.

  9. Nono, Marc, It is fine in IE7 I tried it. It is just that I still prefer the todo’s in my mobile device. At this moment I don’t have a practical application for it. That’s all.

    As I said in the first response: “…it should be used as a demo project for beginning rails folk. It has everything!”

    So yeah I think there would be a lot of folk interested in this!

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  13. Taylor

    Hi there,

    Great work, and high-quality code – which is great for the community!

    I was wondering if there is any plugin for this to be integrated with Redmine? It would be super-helpful to have this functionality within the Redmine app.

    Any thoughts, plans in the roadmap, or examples you can share?


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