Montreal on Rails

Today, I’m really honoured and excited to announce that I’ll be giving a talk at the first Montreal on Rails meeting on the 7th of August somewhere in McGill University MAASS Chemistry Building at 7 PM.

Honoured because this is big news for the Rails community in Montreal. We had some mailing list and user group for some time but it was not really active in the Rails/Ruby domain. So now is the time to make it happen. If you’re from Montreal and use Rails, get up from you seat, scratch your back, pack your MacBook, take a shower, brush your teeth and come have a blast with us. Or if you can’t come, you still can help spread the word! Hey and the fact that there’ll be donuts seems enough for me to come!

You can find more info on the site and on the Upcoming page.

My talk is gonna be about testing with external services and making them freaking fast (and hopefully fun) and if we have enough time (and donuts), possible integration with COBOL and Logo into Rails routing.

Hope to meet you there!



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5 responses to “Montreal on Rails

  1. As you can see, not only is Marc our StandoutRubyGuru, he is also our resident StandoutComedian. 🙂

  2. StandoutThanks™ Fred,

    But that’s not a joke, they WILL have donuts!

    Sadly I won’t be able to present my part about COBOL and Logo, my computer is not powerfull enough.

  3. what do you mean “shut down your macbook”

    so the event will be computer-free?

  4. don’t you shutdown you laptop before moving ?

    It’s more like, shut it down, put it in your bag, and bring it! But there won’t be any wireless connection anyway…

    And you won’t eat a donut over your MacBook right?

    Sorry for the unclearyness, I fixed the confusion in the post (shutdown => pack)

  5. Coding/girl

    i’ll be there!

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