High times

MTEB6Yesterday was the 6th Montreal Entrepreneur Breakfast (second for me). I had a great time! Meeting so much passionate people at the same time, throwing breakthrough ideas at each other and getting in tech discussions of all sort is an energy booster. You’ll leave the place with a need to break boundaries and get things done! I met several new people and had great talks with Pierre Phaneuf, J-F Couture, Amélie Racine and Mark Schanzleh who are starting an amazing project StayNomad and lots of other. As usual Heri got a complete coverage with pictures.

Plus, great things will be happening for the Rails community here in Montreal with Montreal on Rails. A special announcement about this is coming shortly, stay tuned!

As if this was not enough, I just learned my girlfriend is pregnant this morning! I’m going to be a father! I can’t believe it!

So much good things happening at the same time, I get the feeling I’m on top of the roller-coaster. I don’t see how this could get any better, but I’m sure it will!

Life is good!


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12 responses to “High times

  1. if it’s a girl, you could call her ruby.

    ok just kidding


  2. …and if it’s a boy: Version 2.0

    thx heri!

  3. Was nice meeting you, and congratulations on your upcoming fatherhood!

  4. hey Pierre,

    It was nice meeting your too, I really enjoyed our talk, hope to see you again at another event soon (DemoCampMontreal maybe?)!


  5. Congratulations!

    Heri is one funny guy.

    It was nice meeting you. See you at DemoCamp (or the montreal rails group, or the web development book club or something else 😉

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  8. Coding/girl


  9. Thanks J-F,

    we’ll sure see each other again at one of those events.

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