Montreal, next week in Tech

Another sign Montreal is becoming a central point in tech startup ?

DemoCampMontreal3 on JuneJuly 26th. I’ll be there sans faute! If you’ve missed the first two ones, you have to come to this one! This is a real casual and fun event, you can just come, sit, watch the demos and leave or talk with cool people like you, it’s as you wish!

The first Web Dev Book Club Meetup on the 25th. Sadly I won’t be there, but Heri is organizing it, he’s a real great guy, so I’m sure it’ll be plenty of fun!

I’m sure there’s still plenty of other stuff happening in the Montreal tech scene next week. I’d like to know about it, just drop a comment if you know of anything else.



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6 responses to “Montreal, next week in Tech

  1. thanks for the post. everyone is invited by the way!

  2. there seems to be a little bit confusion with the date (july or june?). this needs to be checked with Fred

  3. I’ve told Fred, he’s looking at this, might have been delayed

  4. I’ll be there. I assume it will now be on July 26th.
    I’ll have a demo ready.
    It should be interesting.
    I can’t wait to meet other Montreal techies. I need to do more networking and stop using my workload as an excuse!

  5. Hey Jerome!

    I can wait to see all the demos! This is always an exciting moment!

    Is there a place to find more info about your project or will this be the first public annoucement ?

    I look forward to meeting you there on July 26th (not June)!

  6. C’est le 24 juillet finalement, mardi. Que voulez-vous, la SAT, ça grouille !

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