After I made it to the digg.com front page yesterday
at our Standout(Temporary)Office™, we stared at this screen laughing:

My blog stats

That’s when I’m glad I didn’t chose to host my blog!

Thanks to all of you who digged the story and welcome to all the new readers. I’ll send you a mug with my face on it when I get rich… someday… maybe… well maybe not, welcome anyway!



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6 responses to “Digged!

  1. congrats! what’s the analytics software you are using by the way? is it from wordpress?

  2. thanks heri,

    yes, it’s in wordpress.com dashboard

  3. i saw a similar massive spike in traffic on my wordpress blog when a post about twitter was dugg, and went viral.

    it was a fun ride… but my 15 minutes have long expired by now. back to being buried under the noise of the blogosphere…

  4. it’s sure droping fast, 3122, 1221 the next day and 104 today. But still I’m in second position of both main quebec blog board (topblogues and TLMEB) which is really exciting!

    thanks for the comment Mat, hope you get another one of those “15 min”

  5. je croyais qu’il fallait écrire en francais pour topblogues et TLMEB.

    juste par curiosité, est-ce qu’il y a beaucoup de visiteurs de ces portails?

  6. Ça fait un bout de temps que je suis sur topblogues et c’est la premiere fois que j’entend ça.

    J’ai à peu prêt 1-3 visites de chaque jour…

    ^ oh je viens d’écrire en francais!

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