Tim Lister

Peoplware, get it now!Tim Lister is one of my favourite author and speaker. He’ve found the perfect sweet spot between humorous and informative speech and writing. You can feel his passion when he talks and in his books. Just read any of Peopleware’s chapter and you’ll be more energized then after drinking a pack of Red Bull.

Today while going to work, since I haven’t synced my iPod for ages, I was browsing some old podcast and bumped onto this gem:

APLN06 – Tim Lister – Introduction to Agile Leadership

Some quotes:

Nobody has tough about the system as hard as you when you start building it. Nobody, not even the customer.

That’s why no spec of contract should be set in stone. And why BDUF is so wrong.

Great project have emotions

No doubt jumping between several projects feel so bad, it’s playing with your emotions!

He points out that software team are more like music group, not like sport teams. You can’t expect to perform as an individual if the whole team is not performing too. A singer don’t tell himself: I hope the altos suck so I’ll sound better, they perform as a whole.

Thanks Tim


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