My new Standout Computer!

Today at the office, I setup my new workplace and computer. Thanks to Fred and Ben, they even let me use the bathroom every 2 hours! And they said I might get a chair when we ship!!! Awesome!

Apart from that, we received some fruitful deliveries.

That’s right! A bran new MacBook Pro (I know the picture is mirrored…)!

What’s the big wire in the back you might ask ?

Ho! that’s just a gigantic Apple Cinema Display for my poor eyes.

How many apples can you count ?

(HIN! wrong! I was taking the picture with my MacBook, so +1, and that’s the reason for the crappy and mirrored pictures, sorry). The office smells more the apple then a grocery!

And look what’s waiting for the next mysterious Ruby Guru!

See the whole flickr set for more.

Ah startup life… so hard!



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11 responses to “My new Standout Computer!

  1. i think this is even a better ad for standoutjobs than the video

  2. Wow, you lucky man! 🙂

    It’s the real advantage of starting from scratch; you don’t have to reuse any old computer in the house.

    What’s cool about working with web technologies? Don’t bother with the desktop OS, just pick the best one.

    Happy coding.

  3. hey fred and heri,

    their’s so much more cool things happening at SoJ right now! I’ll blog about them soon!

    @fred are you a Mac fan stuck on PC too ?

    thanks for the comments

  4. I forgot to ask you about that, what is the size of your Cinema Display?

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  6. If there’s one thing I learned as a tech manager : “be generous with workspace equipment”, this is a great demonstration of that!

    That’s why every new employee we will recruit for Praized (soon, soon!) will have a budget to spend on whatever equipment they want to make them productive. If you can fit an ipod, a laptop, a large screen and 5 cube toys (and a despair calendar) from thinkgeek in your allocated workspace budget, so be it!

    This is not a sponsored ad, but almost. Yeah guys, we’ll make some videos too, when we are ready to roll! 😉

  7. Hey Sylvain,

    thanks for the ad, huh, comment 🙂

    Nice idea to let the employee choose his setup, altough I would have chosen the same.

    Be sure to let us know when you’re ready to shoot that video!

    See you at the next DemoCamp I hope.

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