Montreal Tech Entrepreneur Breakfast

I'm the ugly guy in the green and white shirtJust came back from my first Montreal Tech Entrepreneur Breakfast. I had a really great time and lots of interesting talks with James Golick of ZipLocal, Philippe K. Chrun of of, Adrien O’Leary of Ines, Mitch Cohen of ClixConnect, Heri of MadMedia, Guillaume Thoreau, Alok from FonoMe and Frederic Brunel who’s doing some crazy stuff with animation.

I’ve never been to one of those networking meetup before. I’m not a fan of PR events, but this one makes it really easy for tech people to just talk and exchange about things they love. You don’t really need to be that much of a PR person neither to come, but you do need to be passionate about the Montreal tech scene! I strongly encourage anyone interested in new technology to join us on the next one and have talk with me or anyone. Follow Ben’s blog to know more about the next date.

If we met and I haven’t put up your name here it’s because I’ve lost your business card or I just forgot your name, please drop me a note or link me in:

Picture stolen from Heri’s flickr photostream, I’m the one in the striped green shirt.



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3 responses to “Montreal Tech Entrepreneur Breakfast

  1. the pictures are in creative commons so you can use and reuse

    great meeting you by the way. facebook and blogs are nice but the real deal is always better.

  2. thanks, but “stolen” seems more shocking and provocative. Or maybe should I’ve blog about Fred beeing shited on by a bird when we exited the bistro.

    it was great meeting you too heri, hopefuly this won’t be the last one

  3. Ugh… don’t remind me. But it’s supposed to be a sign of good luck, so… 😉

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