StandoutJobs: here I come!

That’s right! I’m StandoutJobs new Ruby Guru!

If you’ve been living under a rock for some time, StandoutJobs is one of the hottest new Montreal startup about to change to whole recruiting experience!

Three months ago I would never dreamed about having a job like this in Montreal. I though that things like this only happen in Boston, New York, Silicon Valley and stuff. It was Fred’s DemoCamp that opened my eyes to the whole local scene and was the first event that started a series of amazing meet with brilliant and passionate people. Since then, I’m starting to believe Montreal is becoming a central point in tech startup. looking at Heri‘s Montreal Tech Watch was too an amazing eye opener.

If you’re in the same mind-state as I was, maybe you should give a look at some of StandoutJobs video posts.

Thanks to Ben, Fred and Austin for taking me on the team even tough I’m heavily handicapped (I got really tiny ears and can’t eat peppers)



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9 responses to “StandoutJobs: here I come!

  1. Hey Marc-Andre, congratulations and welcome aboard! It’s going to be a wild and crazy ride… Hope you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty! 😉

  2. i knew it was coming – one of the first guy to go on your profile at facebook was fred. there is something going on with facebook and standoutjobs i can’t really corner but anyway, congrats

  3. Thanks to both of you!

    I sure am ready fred! I’ll bring gloves 🙂

    Was it that obvious Heri ? I tried to add some school friends and family members first and pretend I like Desperate Housewives but that was not enought to fool your spider senses!

  4. Marc,

    Congratulations. We’re happy to have you on board.

    We’ll see you tomorrow morning!

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  8. Congratulations man, I hope you enjoy your new position!
    Don’t stop posting, your blog is great !

  9. Hey Carlos! haven’t talked to you in a long time

    Thanks for the great word, I sure won’t stop!

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