Adding or removing makes perfect ?

I was fooled again by Joel Spolsky! What I tough was a simple rant, was in fact an amazing sale pitch for his upcoming FogBugz 6.0. Nicely done! Anyway I’m not shocked by this, but ratter happily entertained.

But I can’t agree to the point he’s trying to make, that you reach perfection bits by bits by adding things to your product.

Which reminded me of this old quote from Antoine de St. Exupery:

perfection is reached not
when there’s nothing left to add, but when there’s nothing left to remove

So ratter then patching inches to feet, feet to yards, and yards to miles, it should be more like polishing a wood piece. You remove small layers millimetres by millimetres until you achieve a smooth and beautiful surface.

Would you ratter have a patched software or a polished one ?



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2 responses to “Adding or removing makes perfect ?

  1. i agree on the polishing method. that’s the way things should be done

  2. I wonder if Polish people have more fun ?

    oh! what a bad joke…. sorry

    thanks for the comment heri!

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