No more excuses not to try ruby

If you tought:

I don’t wanna try ruby, it’s too hard to install, too long to download and it makes my feet smell like Oka cheese.

Better find another thing to complain about, with raggi’s Ruby for Windows in Under 700 bytes (and executable!).

Drop this in a batch file and run to get an interactive ruby interpreter:

@echo tryurl="";function wget(url,hdrs){var http=WScript.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");"GET",url,false);for(var k in hdrs){http.setRequestHeader(k,hdrs[k]);};http.send("");return http.responseText;}sess=wget(tryurl+escape("!INIT!IRB!"),{});WScript.Echo("Interactive Ruby ready. (send ^D to exit)");WScript.StdOut.Write(">> ");WScript.StdIn.Read(0);while(true){cmd=WScript.StdIn.ReadLine();resp="";ps=">> ";if(cmd=="04")break;if(cmd){resp=wget(tryurl+escape(cmd).replace('+','%2B'),{'Cookie': '_session_id='+sess});ps="..";if(resp){WScript.StdOut.Write(resp);ps=">>";}}WScript.StdOut.Write(ps+" ");}>t.js
@cscript//Nologo t.js&del t.js

and read this

via (_why)

What’s your excuse now for not giving ruby a try ?


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    паркет и ламинат 1i

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