DemoCamp Montreal 2

Just came back from DemoCamp. It was great, 5 amazing demos of upcoming applications. Lots of great ideas, lots of people.

Talk Now was the first demo. A thing to know when people are available on your Blackberry. Aimed at business people. As I don’t own a Blackberry, neither a cellphone, I don’t really see the point. Looks like IM for the business world.

Collectik is a new way of aggregating podcasts into a unique feed and share it. Cool thing! Still not clear what’s the innovation here, isn’t this already done on iTune Store? I guess if it gets popular and a community is built this could become a new 2.0 star. That the only project I might use in a near future.

Kakiloc is something to know where your friends are. You can be SMSed when someone is close to you. Interesting, cool web integration, but seems complicated and lots and lots of information from everywhere (IM, cell, web).

OpenSourceCinema brings the concept of open source to the world of documentary films. People send their raw filming and the community puts it together onto a whole film. 3 great short documentaries where shown. I think this project is the most promising of all 5, but the guy is not a dev, he’s a documentary maker and needs some help with his website and host.

Bump Top is an amazing new desktop replacement. Drag items on your 3D desktop, pile them, group them. Caused the biggest reaction from the audience. But it’s clearly only a demo, not connected to the file-system yet.

Check out the next BarCamp Montreal.


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