Interview questions

Today I had interviews with a couple of candidats for a web developer job. That’s not my first interviews, but it was the first time I asked candidats to write code during the meeting. I was pleased with the results.

I had 1 coding question, 1 refactoring question, 1 design question, a couple of other technical questions to check the candidats level of interest on programming and a bunch of tipical HR questions to check if he won’t be running around killing everyone the next week we hired him.

My coding question was pretty simple: code a C# function that removes string containing “a” and ending with “z” from a given list. I was checking for reference/value parameter passing, InvalidOperationException and ultimatly regex usage.

I would have also accepted the cool ruby one-liner:
list.delete_if { |i| i ~= /a.*z$/ }

For the refactoring question I fired up Visual Studio, drop a couple of controls on a WebForm to list records from a database (using Castle for some time now, that nearly caused me nausea). I then asked the candidat to refactor the HTML and C# code. Expecting them to spot the SQL commands hanging in the middle of the HTML, or those color hex codes spread all around.

The design question was to draw a diagram of a web app to manage a DVD collection. The main point was to check if the candidat would ask me for more details before writing anything.

Then I asked about AJAX, doctype, .NET Attributes and how they keep up-to-date with new technologies.

Fairly interesting!


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