Thou can not escape Visual Studio

Despite my lack of interest with Visual Studio compliance since I got a Mac, many people have been asking for generation of project and solution files.

So there it is! Simply update your copy of Castle Generator (or install it to join the party!) and then run : monorail MyProject --vs. You can also generate 2003 csproj files with monorail MyProject --net-1.1 --vs.

This an alpha version, and dedicated to people ready to help by reporting bugs. I won’t announce this anywhere else but here until I get a chance to test it in more details. Please help me with this by reporting any problem by mail or better, in Castle’s Jira.




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6 responses to “Thou can not escape Visual Studio

  1. Adam


    This is great, but only problem for me is I’d like the \content\ dir as a shortcut in the APP project for editing css etc – I tried hacking the .proj file but it doesnt seem to allow you to add a shortcut to a folder which is a shame
    Any ideas?

  2. maybe the app.csproj file should be in the base directory and holds all the files except the test files (already in test.csproj)

    Tell me what you think about this, I’ll try it and integrate it if the reasults are ok

  3. Adam

    I think that would be good then you could just include the public dir in the project.

    It also makes it easier for integration with sourcesafe.

  4. I’ll work on this and publish any update on my blog, thanks for the feedback Adam!

  5. Hi Marc,

    I was discussing this “issue” today as I’m in the middle of a new project. Because it was generated, i’m having an issue with source safe integration (specifically my site assets such as images/stylesheets which are obviously stored outside of the VS solution in the /public folder) … did you get any further forward with switching the parent directory?


  6. Haven’t had a chance to work on this, since I rarelly use VS at home. But if you can update the csproj files so they fit nicely with VSS you could just send me the csproj files and I will transform them in generic templates and use them in the project generator.

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