I’m now a graduated software engineer working full-time. Has you might have notice, that means less time for open source projects.

Anyways, I’m still working on Visual Studio csproj and sln file generation. I tough I was finished but I forgot about 2003 version. If you generate with: monorail MawProjack --net-1.1 --vs you’ll get the 2003 versions, default framework is 2.0 so you’ll get 2005 ones with monorail MawProjack --vs.

Any suggestions or comments about this are as always welcome !



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2 responses to “Back

  1. Congrats on graduating.
    I’m now evaluating the generator. I’ll have some impressions on my blog.
    As for the RoR/MonoRail debate, I’m more into MonoRail since .NET gives me better performance, ability to recruite developers more easily, and the unicode support that Ruby lacks. So your VS maintainance works for me. 10x.

  2. Thanks a lot Ken! Can’t wait to read your feedback

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