Python take 3

Unless you’ve been under a rock for some time, you’ve heard of the ruby-python war. I wasn’t sure in what side I was. Ruby is elegant, compact, flexible and full OO. I like python indentation rules and flexibility too, but dislike it’s lack of consistency in the core libs (part object, part procedural).

But now that I’ve watched this video of M. Python in which he admit he made some mistakes and conclude that a big incompatible new revision is necessary. New features will include, among other things, more verbosity. Read: no more statement! print 'something' will become print('something'). Why ? Because (the example he uses) if you want to redirect all your console output to a file or logger it will be easier like this then

replacing all the print statements in your code by hand

What ? Am I dreaming or he’s driving the language syntax from the technical limitations !?!

In ruby parenthesizes are optional so print 'something' is the same as print('something'). And if you want to redirect all the prints to somewhere else you simply override the Kernel print method.

That’s enough for me to move definitely to the ruby camp.


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