NProject featured in the Daily Grind

It seems that NProject is getting more and more exposure too. I just found out it was in the daily grind a couple of days ago. I can’t beleive it! Wow!

Also, if you’d like to contribute to the project in anyway please contact me! Their’s still plenty of things to be done. If you’ve got some experience with Castle MonoRail and ActiveRecord and got some crazy ideas about NProject, send me an e-mail.

I’m currently finishing my final session at ETS in software engeneering and then I’ll be able to pursue NProject developement. Check NProject development site (and test site as their’s more junk in there then usefull information…)


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One response to “NProject featured in the Daily Grind

  1. Tiens c’est drôle, il a bien fallu que tu vois ma présentation en GTI530 pour que je te connaisse par ton blog.

    Anyway un gars avec un Mac, c’est un bon gars ! 🙂 Moi j’ai un good old Powerbook G4 + iMac Core Duo.


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