Getting MonoRail closer to Rails again

In a previous post I’ve bloged about the scaffold generator for Castle MonoRail. And now it’s time for the fully-packed-turbo-ultra-cool MonoRail project generator. Just type generate project MyProject (or make a link for monorail like in the vid).

Some people won’t like the directory structure I’ve used, which is inspired by Rails ratter then by Visual Studio. I find it more secure, more structured and more fun. If you want to argue on this, please do in this post comments! this is a work in progress and I’m pretty open to constructive suggestions and comments.

As usual : watch it live!!!

This work is not complete! If you intend to use it, you understand that this is an alpha release. The source is at

If someone is interested in adding Visual Studio support just contact me by email.



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4 responses to “Getting MonoRail closer to Rails again

  1. Holy flying elephants!

    This is cool. It’s also creepy, seeing .NET (especially Castle) development using TextMate. 🙂 I can’t believe the console and server. I’m glad you have the time to do this – this is where I wanted MonoRail to go all along but Hammett is not a Rails fanboy like I am.

  2. MAC

    Thanks a lot Kevin

  3. Anonymous

    How much C# development are you doing with it? Do you spend a lot of time with Mono or traditional .NET framework stuff (windows)?

    I’ve got a macbook and I’m finding that since most of my bread and butter is Microsoft development I wouldn’t really use OS X that much.

    That being said the macbook has been a HUGE distraction for me, it’s awesome to use and OS X rocks, it makes me spend more time wanting to do different development (not .NET related).

  4. MAC

    I work with .NET 2.0. But at home I code in ruby, python, boo and c# on Mono.

    I’m trying to port my c# developpement to Mac OS X as a challenge more then as a necessity. Plus with all the positive feedback I get from my C# project I can only go on.

    I can’t hide that if everything was to be done again, I’d code NProject in ruby.

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