NProject is a software project and content management system mainly for the .NET Framework (and Mono). It integrates a Wiki, an issue management and reporting system, a dynamic project calendar and integration with CruiseControl.NET. It’s inspired by Trac and other cool projects. It’s based on Castle MonoRail, ActiveRecord and Windsor projects. But most important : it’s fun and looks cool!

The demo site is up at It’s fully working! You can try the wiki on the TestPage. Or submit an Issue or… do what you want! Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Subversion integration

I started subversion integration. The library NSvn which is part of the AnhkSvn project is used to interact with a subversion server. It worked on my local computer, but not on the server. I can’t get the full list of dependencies because I don’t have direct access to the server (only FTP). I’ve tried to ask for help in AnhkSvn mailing-list with no success. I can’t reproduce it because I previously installed AnhkSvn with the MSI installer and it copied all the dependencies.

The version with subversion support is on this branch If someone could checkout and build and then run this tool to get the list of missing libs. I’ll send you an eCard with little bunnies and hearts.



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5 responses to “NProject

  1. Anonymous


    NProject looks interesting. I’ve always loved dealing with Trac but I’m somewhat averse to diving into Python to deal with the source code. I look forward to downloading the NProject source and giving it a look.

    Out of curiosity, how long did you work on NProject before you open sourced it? Also, there is a hanging list tag in the NProject hyperlink to your blog that you might want to remove to avoid a lot of 404’s.

    Thomas Beck

  2. MAC

    Hi Thomas,
    NProject was my final project in my software engeneering degree. I’ve worked about a month on the Wiki and the other modules were done quickly in 3 weeks to finish up before the final presention and I took a good week to clean up all the mess and move everything on sourceforge.

    As I’ve said before, this is a work in progress and not even considered alpha or anything. I open sourced it in a way to say thanks to the Castle community for putting up such a great project and help it grow.

    I’ll continue to work on this project as soon as I finish school, in 3 weeks.

    Thanks for the feedback Thomas

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Marc,
    I just discovered Nproject through Miguel de Icaza’s blog. I was interested in what your roadmap is for this project or what you would like to accomplish.

    Also, I’ve been looking for a help desk solution for months and it looks like Nproject could be adapted for this purpose. The one killer feature however to make this possible would be LDAP/Active Directory Integration. I was wondering if this would be a possible feature for future development?


  4. MAC

    Hi Ey,
    The roadmap is at

    Currently no authentication module is included, but if you’d like to work on this let me know.–>

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