Shake-n-bake templates

Will searching for some free images for on of my web apps, I ran across this site with a couples of free web site templates, logos and images. Some are dull, but since you got the Photoshop source you can use only parts, that’s what I did, saves a lot of time.

Plus I found this site which matches color sets, that could be some help for web design dummies like myself.

About yesterday’s post, here’s an example of what the interpreter can do…

Instant C#, hack some code...
>>> string cool = "wow that's cool!";
>>> cool = cool.ToUpper();
>>> return cool;

I guess that could be helpful for quickly testing some code. Just like de console rails script where you can play with you model class and add record in the tables with the interpreter (running ruby script\console). I guess I could adapt this to work with Castle ActiveRecord classes. That would require to initialize the framework and reference the proper assemblies…


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